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Pass Exam ASF : EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation | EXIN

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Preparation For ASF : EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation Exam

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photo bmetz04@*******
"First time for me doing the exam in english after learning in German- terminology was hard at times, but good way to practise. "
By: bmetz04@******* on 08/15/2016

photo tinabrkic*******
"I agree with Marsela. For example the question: "What is the usual length of the time box for the complete Sprint Planning meeting?" None of the 3 answers you can choose from are right :-("
By: tinabrkic******* on 02/10/2016

photo Martin Trejo Chavez
"57 exams questions are a bunch of questions maybe if can be separated by groups of 40 questions would be simpler."
By: Martin Trejo Chavez on 10/27/2015

photo Marsela Schroth
"I think here are couple of questions where the "correct answers" are actually wrong..."
By: Marsela Schroth on 08/20/2015

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